Chikako "Thika" Kurotori

Chikako Kurotori

Kuromajo-san ga Tooru!!
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Chikako Kurotori (黒鳥 千香子)
Chiyoko's grandma. Her real name is Thika. She knows her granddaughter is a black witch, but doesn't tell her so she isn't intruding her secret. Thika is very knowledgeable about things related to the Spirit World and tends to help Choco without her noticing. It was revealed later that she used to be a student of the Black Witch Public Academy and was friends with Melusine and Gyubid's grandma's old sister, Gyubad. She was expel because she broke one of the school's rules and knew she couldn't come back.

Voice Actors
Kouda, Naoko