Benio Adashino

Sousei no Onmyouji
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Sousei no Onmyouji
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Benio Adashino (化野 紅緒)

Status: Alive
Age: 14 (Chapter 1-18) 16 (Chapter 18+)
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 16
Height: 155 cm (Age 14), 160 cm (Age 16)
Weight: 45 kg (Age 14), 49 kg (Age 16)
Blood Type: O

Benio first comes off as a cold, quiet person, who dislikes talking and is easily irritated. However, regarding exorcism she is very passionate and can be very talkative. Since she comes from an important family, honor and pride are both very important to her. She is also very competitive, especially around Rokuro, and since she was taught to never back out from her words, she can be pretty stubborn and will use any argument to win.

(Source: Twin Star Exorcists Wikia)

Voice Actors
Morris, Cassandra Lee
Han, Megumi