Mao "Orselg, Force of Flame"



Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
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Mao (マオ)
Age 13
Weight 84 lbs / 38 kg
Height 5'0" / 153 cm
Weapon Tonfas

Mao is a boy without memory traveling with the imposing Gajuma warrior Eugene Gallardo, who Mao views as a father figure. He uses two tonfas as his weapons. Armed with many offensive elemental techniques, Mao is a balanced character who can attack at long range with spells and fight at close range with his tonfas. Mao uses the Force of Fire.

Mao along with Eugene head to the small village of Sulz, where they meet Veigue Lungberg a new force user. Mao offers to help Veigue control his force, but Veigue casts a wall of ice over Mao. Shocked to see that Veigue has control over his force, Eugene orders Mao to fight him. After a small battle, Mao uses his Force of Fire to help Veigue free Claire Bennett from her ice prison. After Mao and Eugene are invited to Claire's house for dinner, but this cut short when Saleh and Tohma of the Four Stars attack the village. After Veigue awakens after being knocked out by Eugene, Mao reveals that six months previous to the game, Eugene was the commander of The Royal Shield and he was one of his his subordinates. Mao also reveal that when his force had awaken it went into a berserk so much, it caused him to lose his memories. Mao and Eugene persuade Veigue to come with them to get stronger and go with them to stop the Four Stars and save Claire.

(Source: The Tales of Wiki)

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