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Tenpou Gensui (天蓬元帥)

Field Marshall Tenpou Gensou is Cho Hakkai's previous incarnation.

The Field Marshal of Heaven's Western Army. He's a reading maniac, and he's always buried in books. He too loves lower world items, and he gathers senseless items in his office, calling him his collection. He's easy-going and vague, very "my pace." He doesn't care at all about himself, with his shabby white coat and his dandruff-ridden hair—his handsome face is totally wasted. He's famous for being a weirdo, and his calm, cool-headed insight while standing on the battlefield is like that of another person; his superior officer the Dragon King recognizes Tenpou as the superior military man. He used to be the type to bear everything on his own, but since he gained his good comrade Kenren, he changed his solitary recklessness, placed Kenren at the top of his unit, and put his heart into playing the wife role. He also has a dangerous side that leads him to keep hot items to himself beyond all expectations, and to keep his teeth in something until he's satisfied, no matter who his opponent is.

He has semi-long black hair, like it's been left to grow out, and thick glasses. He has a handsome look that combines gentleness and harshness. That look somehow resembles Hakkai. His favored cigarette brand is Arc Royal. His beloved ash tray is a charming earthenware frog acquired in the lower world. Minekura had her assistant Suzuki Jirou-chan design it. She hopes to turn it into merchandise.

He is always shown using a Katana in various sealing missions.

(Source: Saiyuki Wikia)

Voice Actors
Ishida, Akira
Hunt, Braden