Shuuji Tanegashima

Shuuji Tanegashima

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Shuuji Tanegashima (種ヶ島修二)
He was first believed to be just another strong 2nd Stringer in the U-17 Training Camp. However, it is revealed that he was a member of the 1st Stringers and the No.2 of the All-Japan Junior Representatives upon the rest of the Genius 10's arrival. He did not go with the team on their foreign expedition due to his hatred of airplanes.

Tanegashima appears to be a free-willed character who does most things for fun. He also isn't above performing childish fun antics as shown when he rides around the camp on one of the camp's segways. He is introduced as a member of the 1st Court watching the middle schoolers defeating their High School opponents and working their way up to the 5th and 6th Courts with Tokugawa Kazuya with the latter claiming that Tanegashima seemed to be enjoying witnessing their rapid progress.

Tanegashima works as a model for Men's Non-no, a Japanese fashion magazine targeted towards teenage males. Since he hates airplanes he came to Tokyo by ship. His notably darker skin tone indicates that he's from an island in the south.

(Source: Prince of Tennis Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kamiyama, Ryuuji