Kintarou Tooyama

Kintarou Tooyama

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Kintarou Tooyama (遠山 金太郎)

Kinta is the son of a well respected police officer, but moved out due to a family dispute. He now lives alone and works part-time as a mascot on the seafront. Kinta is the strongest member of the class, having had lessons in judo, kendo and karate. He also has superb senses, especially his eyesight and sense of smell. Kinta often mocks Kazuma's high tech approach to detective work, preferring instead to rely on his "instinct". His tough personality as well as his excellent senses have been very useful at times. He is very strong and sometimes hits either Kazuma or Kyu. He also repeatedly tries to pick up girls (with little success).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ishikawa, Hideo
Balam, Ángel
Pleavin, Darren
Hyeon, Gyeng Su