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Masahiro Namiki


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Masahiro Namiki (並木昌廣)
Voiced by Akira Ishida in the Drama CD.

Masahiro has a vision about a man getting hit by a car - and it doesn't happen! Masahiro is flabbergasted and believes it has got to do with the girl (Kanade) who prevented it from happening. So he transfers to her school and finds out he isn't the only one seeing things. Unlike Kanade Masahiro can see the future when he wants to see it. Quickly he befriends with the Kanade and becomes Arou's love rival.

His transfer may be weird to the outside world: his previous school was a famous boarding school, and he always has gotten the highest grades in school. From time to time Masahiro helps Kanade and Arou with their homework as their sempai. There is, however, a creeping suspicion Masahiro gets his high scores on his tests with his clairvoyance.

Changing schools changed Masahiro for the better. Before meeting Kanade Masahiro was a rather pessimistic and lonely kid knowing only rejection and a dog-eat-dog world. Kanade gave Masahiro a look into a world with hope, ideals and no rejection. Kanade also made him realise that his powers could (and, arguably, should) be used for non-selfish reasons. He even gets himself pets, and starts laughing like a regular kid.

Even though his family is alive, Masahiro lives alone and has got himself a guardian.
the reason why Namiki Masahiro lives alone

Even though throughout the series Kanade and Arou are called by their given names, Masahiro is consequently spoken to by his family name, unless his family or his guardian addresses him.

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