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Tgurneu (テグネウ)
Age: ~700 - 1000

Tgurneu is one of the 3 Kyouma leaders alongside with Cargikk and Dozzu. He has 40% of the kyouma under his direct control, including powerful "special tools" who evolved to develop specific powers to their fullest under his order.

He seems to be the most involved of the three leaders with the heroes' past. Among other things he did, he's responsible of what happened to Adlet's village 8 years earlier, and also seem to be the one who sent the unidentified fake hero of the six flowers among the heroes. It was also under his order that Fremy was born, and she started to hunt powerful warriors and Saints; it was under his order as well that she was betrayed after her failure against Chamo.

Tgurneu is cunning, a master at lying and controlling people, and is the Kyouma who understand the best human feelings. He kept studying human emotions for hundreds of years, until he became able to pretty much predict human moves based upon which emotions he created in them. Even his real identity and form is full of lies and deception. It's often difficult to understand if Tgurneu is serious or just playing around, as it seems at times that he's more interested into playing with the six flower's feelings and sending them into despair than protecting the Majin.

As the three leaders aren't in friendly terms, Tgurneu doesn't cooperate with the two others leaders and would not hesitate to kill them if he ever had the opportunity.

Voice Actors
Ishida, Akira
Meyer, Dirk