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Rabian (ラビアン)

Rabian is the chairman of the Scheherazade Theater who performs plays. He once hired Team Natsu to stage a play in Onibus Town for him.

Rabian has been shown to write outrageous plays with ridiculous plot twists like in "Frederick and Yanderica" where confusion after confusion ensued. This garnered him bad reviews for his plays and eventually the actors that performed for him left him. He seems, at first, quite emotional when he imparted his miserable story to Team Natsu. Later, he is shown to have a tendency to take things to excess, as seen when he made Team Natsu perform the same play three times a day for a week while withholding their pay. It is also ironic how Rabian often says "Thank you very much!" after almost every sentence but treats his cast quite ungratefully, even commenting that Team Natsu, the cast who earned him tons of audience for a week, is composed of amateurs.

(Source: Fairy Tail Wiki)

Voice Actors
Kikuchi, Masami
Pearlman, Randy
Pascal, Benjamin
Balderas, Rodolfo
Colombo, Ambrogio