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Saki Segawa (瀬川 咲)

Birthday: 19th April
Age: 15
Height: 157 cm
Blood type: A
BWH: 82/56/83
Class: 3-4
Zodiac: Aries

She is part of Kouichi's Group and seems to have a crush on Kouichi Yarai. Saki first appears as a girl who has a grudge against Kouichi. She was noted to be a refined girl who shouldn't have connections with someone like him. She had been shown nagging him and even once slapping. She had been shown to have little connections with romance and was shown to be clumsy enough, to mistake who wrote her a love letter.

However, as she opened up and forgave Kouichi for a huge misunderstanding, she continued to have feelings for him and easily shown signs of jealousy. She has shown strong feelings towards him to the point she even confronted Motoko Kurusu about it. Despite her rich upbringing and first impressions, she's determined to do her own work to survive with everyone else. She was willing to put herself in danger for Kouichi who at the time, she still was angry at. She seems to be much more upfront about her feelings and is more blunt, not afraid to confess no matter the reply. She holds a grudge against Rion Akagami for being the school number one idol. She is extremely annoyed that the reason she lost to Rion was due to the difference of their bust sizes.

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