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Haru Onodera (小野寺 春)

Birthday: March 21
Blood Type: A
Height: 152 cm

Kosaki's sister who is a school year younger. On her way to school, she is saved from some delinquents by a mysterious prince (actually Raku Ichijou) and ends up with his locket. Her first impression of Raku is negative as she observes that he is a womanizer who is trying to trick her sister and he is a pervert for looking at her panties. She also refuses to return his locket until Raku convinces her that he is helping the "prince." Unlike her sister, she is a good cook. She later reveals that she was helped by a guy in a mascot costume (also Raku) who treats her to ice cream.

Voice Actors
Sakura, Ayane
Dogan, Meri

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