Efinruka "Firuka" Roun

Efinruka Roun


Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
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Efinruka Roun

Firuka initially appears as a member of the Odo clan who rescues Uruki after he falls into a forest after Teg's singing thwarts Uruki's attempt to attack the palace at Touran. She cares for Uruki's terrible woods and expresses a deep interest in him, which incites jealousy in Takiko when she and the other Genbu warriors finally catch up to Uruki. She and the other Odo clan members also rescue Hagas when he is injured and Firuka nurses him back to health. Her friendliness toward Uruki is explained when she is revealed to be the eldest daughter of King Tegiru and the princess of Hokkan, making her Uruki's cousin. Because Tegiru wanted a son for an heir, he shunned Firuka, who ran away after her mother died a year earlier and she joined the Odo clan. Since then, she has not returned to the palace and only does so for the sake of aiding Takiko and the Genbu warriors to rescue Teg. Her connections in the palace allow her to prevent guards from arresting Takiko when they believe she is a follower of King Temudan. In the palace, Firuka reveals to Takiko that her real name is Princess Efinruka Roun and tells her the true reason she returned to the palace is to assassinate Tegiru to find Teg's whereabouts. When Hagas kills Tegiru, Firuka nearly kills him and herself, but is stopped by Hagas, whom she realizes that she loves.

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