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Patricia Thompson

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Soul Eater
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Patricia Thompson (パトリシア・トンプソン)

She is one half of Death the Kid's Double Team Demon Guns. She is the younger of the two sisters, and the most naive. Both sisters wear cowgirl (tight sleeveless shirt and cowboy hats) outfits but Patty wears puffy shorts. She has a larger bust size then her sister. She mostly speaks in a sing-song voice. Also, she acts and speaks like a little kid. (She answers test questions in yellow crayon and says "hullo" and "sowwy," like how a child says "hello" and "sorry," etc.). She is so naïve that she thinks everything is all fun and games. She has yet to take anything seriously. If Kid isn't with them, she can use her sister's weapon form and vice verse. She and her sister collects soul in the magazines of their gun forms. She and her sister used to live on the streets of Brooklyn before being found by Kid.

Voice Actors
Leigh, Cherami
Takahira, Narumi
Tamási, Nikolett
Bienaimé, Nathalie
Song, Do Yeong
Leoni, Joyce
von Stengel, Marion
Carvalho, Nina
Portuguese (BR)
Castañeda, Diana

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