Electra Ovilo

Electra Ovilo

Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira
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Electra Ovilo (エレクトラ・オヴィロゥ)
Electra Ovilo is a veteran of the Titan War. Her love for Vincent caused them to have a short-term relationship, during which Vincent transferred the vaccine to Electra. She is unaware of this until Vincent sets free the Nanomachines on the Monorail and she survives. She meets Spike by chance when he infiltrates a bio weapon lab fronting as a pharmaceutical company where she works. After a few more chance meetings, and witnessing his being shot and thrown from a monorail by Vincent, she teams up with the crew of the Bebop to put an end to Vincent's intent to destroy the population of Mars.

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Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Ai
Hale, Jennifer
Kim, Seon Hye
Pompílio, Carla