Maki "Maquia" Sumeragi

Maki Sumeragi

Inazuma Eleven
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Inazuma Eleven
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Maki Sumeragi (皇マキ)

Sumeragi Maki, also known as Maquia, plays for the Aliea Gakuen team first rank team that goes by the name "Epsilon" as a forward, bearing the number 9 shirt on her back.

She is a slim girl with pale skin, pointy ears, and teal colored eyes. She sports her turquoise hair tied up in two circular disks with multiple white highlights. She is a second year student from the Ohisama En orphanage run by Kira Seijirou and Kira Hitomiko.

Voice Actors
Kodaira, Yuuki
Bastos, Lene
Portuguese (BR)