Iya Renpei

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Iya Renpei (練兵 癒)

Renpei is in the Student Council office when Misogi Kumagawa arrives.She watches on as Jakago demonstrates her ability on Sukinasaki. She questions Jakago if they should take out Kumagawa before he cause any problems, but is shot down. Renpei tries to attack Sukinasaki when she uses her Error Message Plate on Jakago, but gets taken over herself.Later, the Student Council surrounds Kumagawa in an empty classroom. Like the other members, Renpei is confused when she tries to remember why they attacked Kumagawa. Along with the other members of the Student Council, she is defeated by Kumagawa before she can even use her ability.After Fude Ezumachi returns to the school and begins changing the colors of almost everything, Renpei is shocked to find the tap water has become orange, and compares it to Ehime Prefecture.

Voice Actors
Uchiyama, Yumi