Kiki to Lala no Aoi Tori
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Kiki to Lala no Ohimesama ni Naritai
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Lala (ララ)

Name: Lala (& Kiki [Little Twin Stars]).
Date of birth: Dec. 24 (they are twins!).
Place of birth: Star in the Galaxy of Dream.
Family: their father is inventor and mother is a poetessa.
Friends: sun, moon, stars, clouds, angels, fairies and creatures.

Cooking. Her soups are amazing!

Hobbies / Personality:
Loves drawing and writing poems. Lala is a little timid, and cries easily.

Favorite season:
Lala likes fall and winter, most (She likes to write letters to parents while she is floating on the clear winter sky).

(Source: hellokittyandfreind.blogspot)

Voice Actors
Marshall, Mona