Homare Nekozuki

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Homare Nekozuki (猫月 誉)

Sinister-looking concierge of Maison de Ayakashi, who also lives on the property.

Contrary to his sinister appearance - marked by the fierce look, a bald head, scars on the face and the sunglasses - he seems to have a very sensitive personality. When people talk to him, he gets nervous or even red in the face, and when he is in the presence of others, he doesn't utter a single word, which is why no one has heard him speak.

It appears that Nekozuki actually has a soft spot despite his misleading, menacingly-looking shell. He's extremely shy, and probably has low self-esteem issues as he bangs his head in the walls in an attempt to hide his face.

(Source: Inu x Boku SS Wikia)

Voice Actors
Murase, Katsuki