Imakarum "Masaki Murakami" Mirabilis

Imakarum Mirabilis


Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver
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Imakarum Mirabilis

Masaki Murakami, was origanlly one of 12 prototype bodies made for Richard Guyot, he led a rebelion agisnt the new Zoa Lord but failed to kill him,after escaping Chronos with the help of the scientist who created him he went around trying to destroy chronos, it was during an information gathering operation that he met Guyver 1 and together they fought chronos. During a first encouter with Richard Guyot he is badly injured and almost dies, he then only has one transformation left and he decides to use it to fight Guyot one last time. After a long battle Murakami's zoa crytal is shattered and he dies at the hands of Guyot.

Shortly after, Alkanphel resurrected him and gave him the ZoaCrystal that was pulled from Richard Guyot's head, making Murakami the new Zoalord of gravity and the second strongest Zoalord there is he is now known as Imakarum Mirabilis.

Imakarum wears a visor, due to recieving heavy occular damage during his rebirth.
Imakarum's ZoaCrystal is cracked when battling the Guyver Gigantic in shinjuku city. Alkanphel takes Imakarum to the rejuvenation pod in his temple on Silha were Imakarum's ZoaCrystal is healed, but while it was healing Imakarum witnessed what Alkanphel lived over 3 billion years ago when he killed Guyver 0 and was almost killed by the creators...

Imakarum is Alkanphels right hand man and his primary goal is to serve Alkanphel in his stead while he is unbale to oversee Chonos activity due to his long regeneration cycles. He is as close to a 'friend' as Alkenphel has and is trusted above all others, however after seeing the memories of Alkanphel, Imakarum has begun to think for himself and his true goals are unknown.

Voice Actors
Madono, Mitsuaki

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