Maya Wei

Oban Star-Racers
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Maya Wei (マヤ・ウェイ)

Eva's mother and Don's wife, one of the best racers on Earth who lost her life in a race ten years before the start of the series. Her sudden death appears to be the reason for Don Wei's current behavior. It originally appeared that Spirit, one of the pilots racing on Alwas, caused her to crash, which was later shown to be false—the crash was caused by Maya's ship leaking fuel from the engine causing it to explode. Eva is determined to win The Great Race of Oban in order to bring Maya back to life and reunite her family. However, Eva later learns the truth about the "Ultimate Prize" and that the Avatar's power would not bring back her mother. Later, she discovers that her mother was actually "killed"; it was Canaletto who caused the crash. After returning to Earth, she and her father pay their final respects at Maya's grave.

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Voice Actors
Oliver, Nicole
Kobashi, Tomoko
Bouché De Vitray, Sarah
Valencia, Amparo