Youta "Dateless" Moteuchi

Youta Moteuchi

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Youta Moteuchi (弄内洋太)
Youta is the stereotypical loser, unable to declare his feelings to his unrequited love, Moemi Hayakawa. He's socially awkward, with a tendency to get nervous and clumsy around women. Despite these shortcomings, he possesses a truly noble heart, enabling him to see the mythical Gokuraku Video Store & begin his journey to true love. His selfless nature gets him into trouble with relationships, setting up several love quadrangles between himself & the girls who turn to him for advice (among other things). Overall, Youta is one of the most well developed protagonists in Shonen manga, maturing from a nervous, insecure 16 year old to a responsible adult over the course of the story.

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Voice Actors
Kusao, Takeshi
Swaile, Brad
Conforti, Corrado
Lladó, Carlos