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Hyou Fuwa (不破 豹)

School: Yokohama Taiei
Year: Sophomore
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Position: forward

Fuwa plays for the Inter-high top challengers, Yokohama Taiei. He first appeared by challenging Kenji to a 1-on-1 game which he later won.

His ball handling skills rival—if not surpass—Kenji's. He is also a very quick and agile player.

Fuwa has what is called by Kenji and the others an odd sense in style which makes him stand out. At first glance, he would not appear to be a typical basketball player. His hair is orange, his eyes are oddly cat-like, and he wears Nike Air Bakin. It should be noted that Fuwa tends to lick his fingers out of excitement, which reinforces the impression of his cat-like features.

Voice Actors
Matsuoka, Yoshitsugu