Astrid "Asty" Zexis

Astrid Zexis


Rorona no Atelier: Watashi no Takaramono
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Astrid Zexis (アストリッド・ゼクセス)

Age: 26
Height: 5' 3'' (162cm)
Blood type: AB

Astrid Zexis is an alchemist and mentor to Rorolina Frixell. She took Rorona in as her pupil after curing Rorona's parents of their ailments. Despite her intelligence, Astrid is highly lazy and prefers to sleep in most days.

She was the owner of the Arland alchemist workshop until she heard news of the workshop's impending closure, where she transferred ownership of the workshop over to Rorona.

Astrid is a keen observer and steps in whenever she notices Rorona going into a particular conversation or situation. She tends to get a quick feel of what Rorona's friends are and acts accordingly to protect her.

(Source: Atelier Wikia, Giant Bomb)

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