Jeanne "Dana Sterling" Fránçaix

Jeanne Fránçaix

Choujikuu Kidan Southern Cross
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Jeanne Fránçaix (ジャンヌ・フランセーズ)

As Jeanne Fránçaix in Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross

At 17 years of age Jeanne finds herself the leader of the 15th Squad in the Southern Cross' Alpha Tactics Armored Corps (ATACs). A native from the planet Liberté, Jeanne sometimes has a tendency to follow her heart and act rashly, much to the chagrin of her superiors. Her frequent disregard for orders and regulations continually lands her in solitary confinement, often placed there by Lt. Lana Isavia. Fortunately she always manages to be let out when needed. Jeanne develops a romantic interest in Seifriet Weiße, but his reaction is one of puzzlement and disdain. Most of the series revolves around Jeanne's escapades with the 15th Squad, and her almost personal war with the invading Zor.

(Source: Wikipedia)

As Dana Sterling in Robotech: Masters

Daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling, Dana is not only the first child born from a union between the two races, but she is also the first child born from the womb of a clone. Dana is among the first graduates of the Robotech Military Academy founded in the aftermath of the First Robotech War.

Her child-like curiosity combined with her natural intelligence, compassion and curiosity seem odd combinations to make a successful soldier, but somehow it works. Her mixed heritage gives her the added dimension of precognition concerning the Robotech Masters and their schemes. She also shares an unusual bond with the renegade clone, Zor Prime. Dana is the catalyst for much of the action that takes place in the Second Robotech War.


Voice Actors
Tomizawa, Michie
Michelson, Lisa
Beaune, Caroline