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Cuticle Tantei Inaba
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Soumei (聡明)

Soumei was a former police dog, known as the "Black Fang", who was arrested over the suicide of his partner, Jouji. They spent 18 years working together. He remembers Joji as a man who 'yelled a lot'. He now mainly resides in a sheep-sized doll, as the unofficial head of NORA. Due to a special power of his he was able to leave his body and began to take numerous hosts. His current host is sometimes Yataro, who was personally trained for such a task. Soumei is the biological father of both Hiroshi Inaba and Haruka Inaba, due to the police using Soumei's DNA to create new Secret Dobermen. The old lot left following Soumei's arrest. Soumei is fairly perverted, often trying to molest Natsuki. He is also laid-back, but can be as a diabolic, as seen when he plans to kill Ogino, despite the latter having made no offense. He is currently looking for his body. His wolf/human hybrid ability is to be able to tell if a person is lying just by their scent.

Voice Actors
Koyasu, Takehito
Strempler, Christian