Ludger Will Kresnik

Ludger Will Kresnik

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Ludger Will Kresnik (ルドガー ウィル クルスニク)

A twenty-year-old man currently living with his older brother in a city called Trigraph in Elenpios. He excels in cooking. During his first day of work, his brother, Julius, is nowhere to be found, which begins putting him in debt. Ludger is the main character of Tales of Xillia 2. He has a special ability inherited in the Kresnik family called Corpse Shell that transforms his appearance and improves his fighting ability. His weapons include dual swords, dual pistols, and a hammer.

Ludger wears a blue dress shirt with folded sleeves and brown suspenders, yellow necktie, and black trousers. He has a blue feather decoration hanging on the back of his trousers. He has a pair of green eyes and yellow rings circling the pupil, the trait he shared with Elle. Despite being brothers, Julius does not have the same similarities. His silver hair with black ends on the right is similar to Nova's hair but with inverted colors. In the manga, he is likewise depicted as a reliable person fond of his brother, but rather impulsive in his actions.

Voice Actors
Kondo, Takashi