Edmonde "First Enchanter"


Dragon Age: Blood Mage no Seisen
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Edmonde (ファーストエンチャンター)

Edmonde is the First Enchanter of the White Spire in Orlais and a member of the Aequitarians. Edmonde was responsible for ordering Regalyan D'Marcall to investigate Blood Mages activities and subsequently locating the site of Frenic's ritual.
He is later present at the meeting between High Seeker Aldren and Divine Justinia V where he confirms that Avexis was kidnapped from the Circle of Magi by the Blood Mages. He asks for Avexis to be returned to the circle but the High Seeker refuses him. Later, after Regalyan D'Marcall goes missing, he dispatches other Circle Mages to attempt to locate him.

Voice Actors
Itou, Kazuaki
Green, Kenny