Baldorias "Chrono Number VIII" Fanghini

Baldorias Fanghini

Black Cat (TV)
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Black Cat
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Baldorias Fanghini

Birthdate: September 8
Age: 27
Blood type: B
Height: 182cm
Weight: 90kg
Weapon: Heimdall
Likes: Coffee Gum
Dislikes: Mint-Flavored or Sugarless Gum

In the Manga
Number VIII of the Chronos Numbers, Baldor's been groomed for his position with Chronos from birth. He is passionate and impulsive. His loyalty to Chronos and violent tendencies are thus extremely strong. He wields the rocket-boosted hammer "Heimdall," and frequently chews bubble gum. He, together with Kranz, participates in a mission to capture Kyoko (As stated above). He is extremely vicious and aggressive, as shown by the way he tries to kill Train in his mission, and by the way he violently smashes a group of Shooting Star soldiers on Clarken Island's castle.

(Some of the Source: Black Cat manga volume 11 between chapters 96 and 97)

In the Anime

Baldor has only briefly appeared in the final part of the anime, but he does not appear in the mission of capturing Kyoko because in the Anime it does not take place. He is one of the Zero Numbers, that along with Mason plan on using Eve in the Eden Project.

Source: Wikipedia

Voice Actors
Cook, Justin
Katsu, Anri
Soares, Renato
Portuguese (BR)
Jacobs, Tom