Tadashi Monono

Waga Seishun no Arcadia: Mugen Kidou SSX
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Tadashi Monono (物野正)

Tadashi Monono is a young orphan who has lost his entire family to the Illumidas invasion. With virtually no money for food, Tadashi decides to kill Harlock for the sizable bounty placed on his head (in the Endless Road SSX series.) Harlock wins the duel, but spares Tadashi's life, and invites the homeless boy aboard the Arcadia, where his low opinion of Tochiro's cooking earns him the position of ship's cook. He eventually learns to pilot a Spacewolf, and becomes a big brother to the young castaway Revi Bentselle, whether he likes it or not.

(Source: Cornpone Flicks)

Voice Actors
Bourdon, Thierry
Majima, Satomi
Hamet, Luq