Leon "Souryuu no Ko, Child of Souryuu" Souryuu

Leon Souryuu

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Leon Souryuu (蒼龍 レオン)

His deck is Aqua Force, which was wiped out due to The Void. He wanted to get it back no matter what, and made a deal with The Void, he exchanged 3 clans, Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, and Kagero, in order to revive Aqua Force. He beats Aichi in the fourth Asia Circuit, and beats Kai in the Void corrupted planet Cray. Aichi beats him afterwards, and The Void is chased off of Planet cray. He was practically controlled by the void after the pact. His favorite phrase is "I can feel the wind." He also has Psyqualia. He sails off after returning from his defeat on planet Cray, changed back to his old self, and states that he and Aichi will meet again.

Voice Actors
Kanbara, Daichi
Bauer, Brett