Kisaragi "Ki-chan" Ninomai

Kisaragi Ninomai

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Happy☆Lesson (TV)
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Happy★Lesson: Mama Sensei wa Saikou!
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Kisaragi Ninomai (二ノ舞 きさらぎ)

The introverted science teacher who acts like a cultist. She has a personality similar to that of Chikage from Sister Princess except that she is far more interested in science and things that can be explained through science. Though she usually comes across as 'emotionless', Kisaragi is an incredibly warm, loving, sweet and kind-hearted person who is fond of cute things (such as baby animals, pink pajamas and her son), and cares deeply for the people around her.

Voice Actors
Kimura, Akiko
Insausti, Jaione

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