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Gagamaru Chougasaki (蝶ヶ崎 蛾々丸)

He is a junior of Class -13, as well as one of its executives. He was the vice-president of Misogi Kumagawa's Student Council.

Chougasaki has no memorable past; he discovered his ability as a child. Using it, he would push away all the injuries, problems, bad memories, and pain in his heart onto his surroundings, leaving everyone around him to suffer through his pain. Doing this caused his family to leave him, so from a young age he lived on his own. He had doubts about living this way and felt guilty over pushing his trauma onto other people, but he soon pushed those feelings away as well and forgot about them. He continued to live his life, believing that living without any sad or painful memories he could become happier than anyone else. He continued to push them away until there was essentially nothing left.Chougasaki and Shibushi met as children while waiting to be examined at Hakoniwa General Hospital; Chougasaki was six and Shibushi was five. Annoyed by the noise Chougasaki was making by pressing the buttons of his DS, Shibushi assaulted him with her bat. He fell to the floor but instantly recovered, taking no damage, and apologized to Shibushi. He was then led to his examination room, but not before politely excusing himself and calling her pretty.Chougasaki and Shibushi were the last Abnormals to come to the hospital Hitomi Hitoyoshi worked at, though they were not brought in until after she had left. The two became famous for destroying the facility without leaving a trace of it behind. According to Hitomi, this was a feat no other Abnormals could have accomplished.

(Source: Medaka Box Wiki)

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