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Brahms is mentioned in chapter 5. He first appears in chapter 9.

Brahms is said to be the only one to stand above all vampires, the Undead King. He is considered an obstacle to the Aesir, even when compared to the Vanir.

We first see Brahms when Hrist seeks him out in his castle. When Brahms confronts her, Hrists insists they "continue and fight this battle from our last life!"
Brahms appears as a calm, reasonable man. When Hrist commands him to fight, Brahms points out that with Ragnarok --the war in which the Aesir gods will die-- so near, it is pointless to do their bidding. Hrist does not agree and Brahms tries to make Hrist aware that the Gods use her. Unaffected, Hrist and Brahms battle.
Brahms continues to warn Hrist that the Vanir will join forces with the Undead, ensuring the Aesir's defeat in Ragnarok. Saying this with some concern rather than malice, Brahms is pointedly not a purely antagonistic character or villain.

The fight is interrupted by Lezard, Arngrim, Jelanda and Mystina. They inform Hrist that they come for Lenneth's soul. Brahms listens patiently and seems to agree with the Einherjar. He offers his power in defeating Hrist, to everyone's surprise.
Before annihilated Hrist, Brahms tells her that even as a Goddess of Destiny, she cannot defy Destiny and he looks forward to fighting her next time.

The next and last time we see Brahms is in the final chapter. He obstructs Lenneth's path on her way to confronting Loki. He admits that even though Ragnarok has started, he is bound to fight and try conquering the world for his clan. Arngrim and Jelanda offer to fight Brahms for Lenneth, although only Arngrim is shown fighting Brahms. It is clear that Arngrim bears a personal grudge against Brahms, since Lawfer was murdered by a Vampire serving under him.
As they fight Brahms points out, "We really have the same fate as our last lives."

Their fight is interrupted by Bloodbane, Loki's evil dragon. The two agree to put their strength together and defeat this new enemy.

Brahms originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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