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Due to the chronology of the manga, Platina only exists in flashbacks and memories. She appears as a vague flashback in chapter 5, and her story is revealed in chapter 8.

The three Goddesses who govern the destiny of a soul when they die (Lenneth, Hrist and Silmeria) share one body. When one Valkyrie is in control of the body, the others "sleep" as humans in Midgard.
Lenneth Valkyrie "slept" as Platina, a young girl living in a poor village. Treated with cruelty by her parents, Platina lived a painful life, though she continued to strive for the love of her mother and father.

One night her childhood friend Lucian appeared to convince her that her family has sold her to slavery. The two escape into the woods. Platina is uncertain that her family would sell her, and Lucian informs her that his own sister has been taken. He confesses that he cares for Platina and doesn't want to lose her that way. Touched, Platina admits she feels the same way, and the two continue in their escape.
Stumbling into a valley of flowers, Lucian realizes that they are surrounded by Weeping Lilies. He urges them to escape before the flower's toxic pollen kills them, but Platina is too tempted by the opportunity to slip peacefully into death. Saddened by her life, Platina only wishes to forget it all and hopes that, if reborn, she and Lucian can be together again.

The next and last time we see Platina is in chapter 10. As Lenneth's soul is being revived by Lezard, she experiences a dream in which she is faced with Platina. Platina tells her that all is illusion, but there is truth in illusion. When the illusion disappears the truth still exists within us. Platina begs Lenneth to remember that in her heart, and find her own wishes and hopes.

Platina originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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