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Lucian (ルシオ)

Lucian first appears as a vague flashback in chapter 5. He makes his real appearance in chapter 8.

Lucian was raised in a poor village. His childhood friend was a girl named Platina. When strange men came to visit his home, his sister disappeared the next day. Convinced his sister was sold into slavery and the same fate awaited Platina, Lucian convinced her to run away with him.
When they stumbled in a valley of Weeping Lilies, Lucian is desperate to move Platina to safety, but Platina is resigned to inhale the toxic pollen and die, hoping to erase the painful memories of her life.

Lucian is haunted by this event in his life, even as a grown man, and when we first see him in chapter 8, he is awakening from a dream that revisits this traumatic memory . Now living as a thief, he acts as guardian of other younger children who must pick-pocket to survive.
One day Lucian's companion Claire informs him that soldiers are killing the pick-pockets and setting their base on fire. As Lucian tries to get Claire and the children to safety, he is fatally wounded by a soldier's arrow.

Lenneth Valkyrie, drawn by the voice of Lucian, watches the scene of his death and feels she has seen him before. When Lucian, now a spirit, turns to face Lenneth, the Valkyrie's past-life memories as Platina are regained. At that moment Freya and Odin replace the Seal on Lenneth's memories and Hrist takes control of the body they share. When Hrist attempts to destroy Lucian and the other Einherjar, Loki teleports Lucian to Asagard.

Loki, apparently aware of some connection between Lucian and Lenneth, tells Lucian that he can give him a chance at helping Valkyrie. Lucian is eager to know if Lenneth is Platina and for her to regain her memories if she was, so he agrees to help.
Loki tells Lucian that the Dragon Orb would help Lenneth, but when the two go to retrieve it, the Orb's guardian Sleipnir confronts Lucian. While Loki steals the Orb, Lucian is forced to defeat Sleipnir alone.
Loki then confesses that he lied about the Orb and only tricked Lucian into helping him steal it. Able to place the blame of this crime on Lucian as a scapegoat, Loki kills Lucian.

Lenneth is able to witness Lucian's murder during her soul's revival. When Lenneth's soul awakens in her new body with her past-life's memories intact, the Valkyrie immediately travels to Asgard to take revenge on Loki for Lucian's death.

The last time we see Lucian is in the final chapter. After Lenneth undoes Loki's destruction and renews Asgard and Midgard with her new powers of Creation, Lucian is also revived, and the two are pictured in a kiss, finally reunited.

Lucian originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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