Masaki "Crimson Prince" Ichijou

Masaki Ichijou

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Masaki Ichijou (一条 将輝)

Epithet: Crimson Prince
Age: 17
Height: 180 cm

Ichijou Masaki is a student of Third High School and the scion of the Ichijou family from the Ten Master Clans. He is first introduced in the third volume of the light novel series as one of the lead representatives of their school in the Newcomers' Division in Nine Schools Competition. Even before meeting face-to-face, Masaki and Kichijouji already harbored a bit of rivalry against Tatsuya who served as a technician during the competition. On the other hand, Masaki likes the latter's sister, Miyuki.

Masaki is described as someone with a charming visage, has a handsome aura that stands out and perfectly matches the description of a "young and handsome warrior" in the archaic fashion. He stands near 180cm in height with a thick set of shoulders, compact waist and slender legs.

As described by his schoolmates, he is a man whose physical appearance is quite popular with the ladies. None the less, he rarely shows interest with the opposite sex.

When talking to Shiba Miyuki, Masaki becomes anxious and uneasy in her presence. Even though he is accustomed to moving through higher social circles, he never fails to be rattled by Miyuki's flawless etiquette and beauty.

Masaki has a strong fighting spirit especially toward his considered rival, Shiba Tatsuya. In battle, he is calm and analytical even in unexpected situations.

Because Masaki is part of the Ten Master Clans, he holds a sense of responsibility to lend his power to the Magic Association in times of need.

(Source: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wikia)

Voice Actors
Matsuoka, Yoshitsugu
Rieke, Nils
Fu, Stephen