Otome Arisugawa

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Otome Arisugawa (有栖川 おとめ)

Age: 13-14 (Season 1), 15-16 (Season 2), 16-17 (Season 3)
Blood type: B
Birthday: May 5
Sign: Taurus
Favorite food: Hamburger, Omelette Rice, Spaghetti, Fried Prawn, Pudding, Ice Cream, etc.
Least Favorite food: Bell peppers, Green peas, Celery, Goya, etc.

Otome is a student of Starlight Academy, she then becomes one of the main characters in her debut episode.

A bubbly girl who is in a different class from Ichigo. She admires cute things and is often spouting catchphrases such as "Love you" and "Peko-Pekorin". She is a student of Starlight Academy and the idol for the popcorn company "Pop'n Popcorn". Her personality can be somewhat like Ichigo's, but not exactly the same. Her love for cute things like rainbows and kittens could be compared to Ichigo's immense love for food. It was thought that she has a crush on Suzukawa, but it was his necklace she fell in love with. Even though Otome is a bit of a klutz like Ichigo, she fears that she will make a mistake during the real thing. Therefore, Otome practices for jobs at least a year beforehand. Otome is very hard working and performs shows with all her heart. Debut in the second wave of arcade cards. She admires cute things. Her favorite brand is Happy Rainbow.

(Source: Aikatsu! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kurosawa, Tomoyo
Mitani, Remi