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Asaka first appears in the manga in chapter 5.

Asaka is a servant in Belanus's household, purchased by the senior housemaid Maria when Asaka was a young girl. Belanus's father disapproved of such a young servant but bid Maria could keep her if she took all responsibility for Asaka and her education.

Asaka meets young Belanus at this time, who tries to soothe her by giving her a flower. Since then she has been a faithful servant to him and never complains, the exception being when Belanus takes her to the slave trade. Asaka believes it is cruel to have power over someone else' life and is very reluctant to pick new servants.

Belanus's wife is cruel to Asaka, jealous of the fair and compassionate way he treats her. The wife believes there is an affair between them. When the wife dies from apparent suicide, Asaka mourns, as she is a genuinely kind person and doesn't hold the wife's cruelty against her.

One night Asaka is awakened by a visitor in her room. By the time Belanus reaches her, Asaka's dead body is in the hands of an undead Vampire, who explains that it was Belanus's wife who made a blood pact with the Lady Belaza to curse Belanus and Asaka. Before the Vampire can take Belanus's life, Lenneth Valkyrie appears and the Vampire is driven off.
Belenus offers himself to the ritual of soul transfer and Asaka's life is restored. She awakes beside the lifeless body of Belanus and we do not see Asaka again until the final chapter, pictured carrying a basket of laundry, still in her servant attire.

Asaka originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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