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Badrach (バッドラック)

Badrach first appears in the manga in chapter 3.

Badrach is a hand-for-hire mercenary type. We first see him waiting with Lombert's agent with the cargo destined for Villnore. He's impressed that his partner for the job is the "infamous Arngrim." Arngrim's stubborn silence on the road doesn't dissuade Badrach from making conversation, remarking that the money was so good for this job their client had to be Lombert.
Before he can explain further the Artolia calvary stops them to inspect their cargo. When they pull Princess Jelanda out, Badrach scrams. While he and Arngrim wait for the coast to clear, Badrach tells Arngrim about Lombert's ties to Villnore as a spy and his nefarious plans for war between Villnore and Artolia.
When he and Arngrim return to the road after hearing the screams of soldiers they discover the Princess Jelanda had be turned into a demon. He is able to offer Arngrim information about the ghoul powder used on Jelanda, and then runs away.

Badrach originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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