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Odin first appears in the manga in chapter 1.

Lord Odin is the King of the Gods, ruling over all other Gods in Asgard. His blood contains parts Human and Elf, which allow him the capacity to grow in power. Normally all Gods are stasis.

Long ago when Odin was young, he and Surt defeated a great giant named Mimir. Mimir possessed great knowledge and power. Odin saw his knowledge and took Mimir's head to keep for himself. That selfish act unraveled his alliance with Surt and Odin went to lead the Aesir and Surt the Vanir. But Mimir foretold Odin of his doom, "The same way you defeated me, you will also receive the same fate."

At the start of the manga Odin summons Lenneth Valkyrie and informs her that the head of Mirmir warned that Ragnarok --the end of the World-- was drawing near. Odin dispatches Lenneth to Midgard to collect the souls of human warriors worthy to serve the Gods during Ragnarok.

Odin is often seen with Freya at his side. Odin shares most secrets only with Freya, and the two are the main conspirators in the way the Valkyries (Lenneth, Hrist, Silmeria) are sealed and manipulated in their plans. In chapter 5 Freya informs Odin that the first of Lenneth seals (suppressing her human memory) is weakening, but Odin decides to wait and see what happens.

When Lenneth completely regains her memories in chapter 8, Odin permits Freya to suppress Lenneth's soul and allow Hrist take possession of the body.

In chapter 9 Loki and Lucian enter the forbidden room to steal the Dragon Orb. Its worth mentioning that long ago Odin himself originally stole the Dragon Orb from Midgard. Its absence causes chaos in the mortal world. Disregarding this, Odin simply wished the Orb to join his collection of artifacts, of which he is noted to have four. The guardian of the room that harbors the Dragon Orb is Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged horse.

In chapter 11 Odin tells Freya to leave him and to lead the Aesir if he should be killed by Loki. Freya refuses and says she will not leave his side; this conveys her tender feelings toward Odin. At this, Loki arrives. Odin commands Freya to leave and Odin wields the artifact Gungnir against Loki.
Loki is better at using the Dragon Orb and is able to defeat Odin after a long fight. Loki takes this time to accuse Odin of mistreating him for being a half-breed when Odin himself is part human and elf.

The last time we see Odin is in the final chapter when Freya is grieving over his covered body in the ruins of Asgard.

Odin originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and appears in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.

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