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Lombert first appears in the manga in chapter 2.

He is the advisor to the King of Artolia. Part of his duties also appear to be keeping an eye on Princess Jelanda and placate her temper.

Lombert acts with his own agenda as a Villnore spy. He communicates with Lezard Valeth, who gives Lombert a vial of ghoul powder to aid in Lombert's plans.
Lombert arranges for the Princess Jelanda to be kidnapped and transported to Villnore by Arngrim and Badrich, intending to cause war between the two cities.
When the Artolia calvary is sent to rescue Jelanda, Lombert send the ghoul powder with them as "medicine" the princess should take if they find her, which they do. Jelanda turns into a demon and is slain by Arngrim. Enraged, Arngrim swears vengence on Lombert.

The last time we see Lombert, he is in the company of Lezard Valeth. Arngrim confronts Lombert, who uses sorcery to bind Arngrim in place. Lombert attempts to stab Arngrim as Lenneth Valkyrie appears. Her presence neutralizes his power and Arngrim is able to kill him. His body falls into the center of a pentagram, presumably placed there by Lezard, and a monster rises from the corpse, whom Lenneth and Arngrim defeat.

Lombert originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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