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Lawfer (ロウファ)

Lawfer makes his first appearance in the manga in chapter 1. He is the son of the Commander of the Artolian Knighthood and is a good friend to Arngrim. Lawfer admires Arngrim, although he is pressured by high expectations as the Commander's son to be just as skilled. However, Lawfer never appears to be resentful or jealous of his friend.

When the King of Artolia wishes to reward Lawfer with his hard work, Lawfer refers the honor to Argrim, claiming that it is he who is the most worthy knight among them.

Greatly troubled by the mystery of Arngrim's death and refusing to believe the rumors, Lawfer begins to regret and despair. This attracts an Undead Vampire who encourages Lawfer to pursue his own justice, increasing his negative emotions. Just when Lawfer is about to free Arngrim's younger brother Roy from prison the Vampire slays him and drinks his blood.
The Vampire explains that dying in this way, Lawfer cannot help but become an Undead. Meanwhile Lenneth Valkyrie and her Einherjar Arngrim and Jelanda investigate the same dungeon and discover Lawfer as an Undead. Argrim fights Lawfer alone and for the brief moment when Lawfer is able to speak for himself, he begs Arngrim to end his life, and Arngrim obliges.

Lenneth sends Lawfer's soul immediately to Asgard, and he is not seen again until chapter 11 when Frei directs Lawfer and Belanus to combat Loki. Lawfer is quickly dispatched.

It is assumed that when Lenneth uses her powers of Creation to renew Asgard and Midgard that Lawfer is also reborn with the others.

Lawfer originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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