Chuuei Toutaku

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Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
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Chuuei Toutaku (董卓 仲穎)

Three Kingdoms counterpart: Dong Zhuo
Birthday: January 31
Horoscope: Aquarius
Age: 19
Height: 165 cm
Blood Type: B
School: Rakuyou's College, 3rd Year
Toushi Rank: Special A-Rank

Manga version

The evil leader of Rakuyo High who, until his death, held most of the other schools in a vicegrip, possessing both the manpower and the Gyokuji as well as a Hyakuhekitō. In addition, he possesses Dragon of Hao abilities, yet he is not one of them. He is also a masochist, which is seen through his self-mutilation. Exceptionally powerful and arrogant, he attempted to kill off Hakufu in order to change his destiny. He eventually ends up killing Choshou, and is brought to a near-death state by Ryofu directly after the fight with Choshou. He partially changes his fate by committing suicide instead of letting Ryofu kill him. Though the end results are still the same, he at least died with some self-satisfaction. Three years before the start of the manga, he devised a plan which led to Ryubi's dragon awakening for the first time.

Anime version

In the anime, he has a somewhat more refined mannerism to his sinister nature, and he is far more skilled as well; he demonstrated the power to split a watermelon and a table with his chi into perfect pieces with just a tap from his fingers, and even poisoned Hakufu with his chi. He was also able to possess her and take control of her body. He also seems to dislike watermelons, supposedly because opening them reminds him of the inside of a human's head. His body is destroyed by Ryofu, who uses a double suicide chi blast, at which point he transmigrates into Hakufu, only to be eaten by her dragon later on. It seems as though he had a change of heart on the brink of his death, revealing to Hakufu the truth about Saji being the mastermind behind all this, and that Genpou Saji is not his real identity. He also uses a bit of his remaining strength after being destroyed by Ryofu's double suicide to remove the Fa Jing curse he had previously lain upon her.

Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke
Riegel, Sam
Sander, Tim
Belfiori, Fernando
Portuguese (BR)
Beeck, Jannick