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A.B.A (アバ)

Birthday: August 14
Race: homunculus
Status: Alive
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Blood type: mysterious liquid containing mercury
Origin: Frasco
Weapon: Paracelsus
Hobbies: observing world affairs, planning for her remaining years
Likes: Paracelsus (her Axe weapon and spouse), herself, anything that is shaped as a key
Dislikes: People who waste things, rivals in love, people who don't care about their friends.

To put it simply, A.B.A is a very shy person. Since she lived by herself in seclusion for 10 years, she doesn't have confidence about anything in the "outside" world. She is an artificial life form and has strong principles by nature, but she is also very frightened of competition at times. Due to her complicated personality, she tries to treat others authoritatively, oftentimes using difficult expressions that no one usually uses. There is no hatred towards others in her heart and she can be just as thoughtful as other human beings. A.B.A finds motivation in Paracelsus, her axe, who she decided to take as a partner years ago. He helps her to act positively, however she still lacks cooperativeness at times. A.B.A is of a possessive nature and very jealous when it comes to Paracelsus; there is nothing but pure love for him in her heart.

Created atop a mountain home named "Frasco," A.B.A is an artificial life-form, or homunculus, the creation of a scientist who lived within Frasco. However, before her "birth," the aforementioned scientist was taken away by the military, which was planning to use his skills for unknown reasons. When her eyes opened for the first time, A.B.A found herself alone within Frasco, and lived the first 10 years of her life in total isolation.

Escape from Frasco was not impossible. Nevertheless, A.B.A quickly realized that she had no knowledge of how to exist outside of her home. To find relief from her sadness, she began to collect keys of all kinds, as they represented the opening of a bold new world and an escape from imprisonment.

While roaming outside one day, still tired of her isolated life, A.B.A stumbled upon an ancient relic known as "Flament Nagel." It was love at first sight, as the war relic was shaped like a key, A.B.A decided to keep him as her partner; she renamed him "Paracelsus." Her new goal was to acquire an artificial body for her newfound partner.

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