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Fuuka Matsui (松井風花)

Fuuka moves back to Tokyo from Osaka when Sana and Hayama start junior high school. When she and Sana meet (in the school bathroom, of course), they realize they're very similar in both looks and personality.

Fuuka is very honest and possesses a strong will and a good heart. Like Sana, she tends to get hyper when she's angry, worried, or excited, but Fuuka is definitely calmer and more serious than Sana. She is also a very good student and great at gymnastics, which means she's very driven and dedicated.

While Fuuka has a good heart, she's a lot less innocent and soft-hearted than Sana, so sometimes she seems a bit colder. Fuuka isn't as prone to thinking with her heart alone, and she considers how her actions will affect her. But Fuuka is a very good person and she takes good care of her friends.

Voice Actors
Magnaghi, Debora
Ikoma, Harumi