Kahlua "Tequila" Marjoram

Kahlua Marjoram

Galaxy Angel Rune
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Kahlua Marjoram (カルーア・マジョラム)

Kahlua is a calm, ever patient young lady. Throughout GAII, she never raises her voice, even when annoyed. While her slow talking style makes her seem ditzy, she is actually highly intelligent and attentive.

While she is unable to make full use of her magical abilities due to a mental block, she enjoys experimenting and creating new potions in her specially equipped lab on the Luxiole. Unfortunately, whenever Kazuya happens to be around accidents happen (mostly because Kazuya makes a mistake). Despite the potentially dangerous nature of her experiments, Kahlua nevertheless displays nerves of steel as displayed by her casual description of possible results if Kazuya made a mistake during an experiment.

Like most of the Angels, Kahlua speaks politely and attaches the honorific '-san' to the names of virtually everyone she talks to.

Ranpha Franboise, who is interested in magic (and is also an amateur fortune teller), respects Kahlua greatly. This occasionally causes Kahlua some discomfort, as she would rather not be reminded of just how powerful her magic is.

Voice Actors
Hirano, Aya