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Lucca Austri (リュッカ・エイストリ)

Lucca is one of Lotte and Asuha's friends. She is a young princess from Dvergur, a northern country. Her notable features include a small figure (even smaller than Asuha and Lotte) and brown hair with matching thick eyebrows. It is possible that Lucca comes from a wild tribe since she has admitted that she never wore panties before she came to Ygvarland and her mannerism of eating is shown in the anime opening. She is also perverted and tends to always believe most of Asuha's white lies (For example, Asuha said that when wearing yukatas, one should not wear panties and when Elika passes by Lucca grabs Elika's, to Naoya's chagrin and Asuha feigning ignorance). Unnborg has mentioned that Lucca stays over at her mansion. It is later revealed that Lucca hails from a noble race of Gnomes (which explains her small figure and unconventional dining mannerisms), and that Yuna's mother enjoys dressing her up in frilly outfits as a "pastime".

Voice Actors
Hatano, Yui