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Kinnikuman II Sei: Ultimate Muscle
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Kinnikuman: Yomikiri Kessakusen 2011-2014
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Benkiman (ベンキマン)

AKA: Heladoman (エラードマン)
Classification: Seigi Chojin
Homeland: Inca Empire, Peru
Age: 2,000
Chojin Kyodo: 400,000 Power
Trademark Techniques: Benki Flush
First Appearance: 21st Chojin Olympics Arc
Seiyu: Issei Futamata, Takumi Yamazaki (Kinnikuman Nisei)

A squat toilet (便器 benki) chojin of the Benkíyá Tribe (ベンキーヤ一族), a race of chojin hailing from the advanced toilet culture of the Incan Empire. Circa 1533, Benkiman's parents were murdered by Francisco Pizarro's soldiers during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire and Benkiman was beaten so severely he suffered total amnesia.

He later became known as Heladoman (Ice Cream Man) and became a local wrestler. He competed to represent Peru in the 21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight and defeated the popular, but corrupt Giganteman to secure his spot. At his grandfather's deathbed, Heladoman was told of his true identity and thus he changed his name back to Benkiman.

At the 21st Chojin Olympics he fought against Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman eventually was sucked into Benkiman's toilet and flushed down. When someone is flushed down, they never return. However, Kinnikuman returned because he stuffed his shorts into the toilet causing it to back up. The back up resulted in Kinnikuman winning the match. Kinnikuman also saved the other Chojins that were flushed down Benkiman's toilet.

In the manga he is depicted with a coil of feces on top of his head, but the anime changed it to a water faucet.

Benkiman, altogether with Tileman and Curry Cook, reappear at the beginning of the latest arc only to be turned back to humans by Strong the Budo.

He is renamed "Mr. P" in Ultimate Muscle, the english dub of Kinnikuman Nisei. His student, Wash Ass, reveals that Benkiman died before the events of Nisei began.

(Source: Kinnikuman Wiki)

Voice Actors
Futamata, Issei
Yamazaki, Takumi