Rai "Lee Chan" Chou

Rai Chou

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
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Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution
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Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
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Rai Chou (チェン・ライ)

Rai is a fierce competitor in Series One. He holds grudges for years and uses that as his advantage in battle. He is well respected and in turn respects his village and its people. He aimed to gain the power of the White tiger, but the village elder handed it down to Rei Kon, his best friend, instead. This started the grudge which was fuelled further still when Rei left the village.He also perfected all the White Tigers attacks. In G-Revolution his fiery rage dies down and he becomes a strong and focus blading partner of Rei's. However because he is an emotional character it sometimes leads him to lose his cool and even break down.

Rai's Beyblade is Galeon in beyblade 2000. It is a black speed based beyblade. Rai's next beyblade would be galeon 2, a similar blade with green desings which was upgraded to Galeon G. Galeon G is basically Galeon 2 with an engine gear. Rai's bit-beast is Galeon a black lion with the abilities of lightning. His special attacks are Dark Thunder and Spiral Lightning.

Voice Actors
Nagano, Kouichi
Seder, Gábor
Cugno, Peter
Coutinho, Anderson
Portuguese (BR)
Vernin, Laurent
Moneta, Claudio
Mink, Oliver