Ivan "Ian" Papov

Ivan Papov

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
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Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
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Ivan Papov (イワン パホーフ)

Age: Season 1: 15
Bit-beast: Wyborg

Ian (Ivan Papov in the Japanese version) only appears in series one. He is seen as a mischievous and smart-mouthed blader who works for Boris. He has respect for Boris but not for his opponents. He is a tricky blader to fight since his bitbeast can dodge the other Beyblade around the stadium. He is quite a confident blader who believes Biovolt is a great power that will succeed and make him stronger. However in G-Revolution, he stays in Russia due to the fact he loses to Kai in the preliminary rounds. He is still very much a part of the Blitzkrieg Boys team and puts his loyalties into his team mates.

Ian is the shortest member of the Blitzkrieg/Demolition Boys. He has a long nose, a wyvern bit beast called Wyborg and wears goggles. He is typically cool and cold, like Kai. He can often be seen with Tala, although the two never really talk much. Ian's eyes are magenta red. He is small but tough.

In Beyblade G-Revolution, Ian disappears when the rest of his team forms the Blitzkrieg Boys. It is highly likely he still owns Wyborg, although he may have upgraded it. Though in the manga, Ian and Kai battled to see who would be granted a place on the Demolition/Blitzkrieg Boys team to enter the World Championships. In the manga it is shown that Ian lost and so Kai took his place on the team.

His beyblades are Wyborg with the Wy Crusher attack and Wyborg 2 with the Sand Bind and Dive Bomb attacks.

Source: Wikipedia.

Voice Actors
Sakaguchi, Aya
Giménez, Ariadna
Perreault, Shannon
Pereira, Gustavo
Portuguese (BR)
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